Narcos Season 3 ¬ Trailer

The life and crimes of Pablo Escobar were the subject of the hit Netflix series Narcos, with seasons one and two detailing his rise and fall. Now Narcos season 3 is due out most likely around September 2017.

After the series followed the exploits of Escobar and the Medellín Cartel, season 3 will focus on the Cali Cartel. The drug gang, who were headed up by Gilberto Orejuela and his brother Miguel, took over from Escobar as the top dog cocaine kingpins in Columbia.

Narcos season 3 will follow these two and two other godfathers from the Cali Cartel, one of which hasn’t been in the show before.

Netflix’s Narcos has been commissioned for season 3 and season 4, so for fans there’s plenty to look forward to yet.

Check out the trailer for Narcos season 3 below.

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