Grown Ups 2 ¬ Movie Review

When the credits rolled on Adam Sandler’s latest film one of the only reactions I had which is also one of the central jokes was, “Whaaaaaaaat?!” It takes a special kind of bad to have quite a few laughable jokes but still make someone come out with almost nothing good to say.

In GROWN UPS 2 the gang of friends is back together, but apparently they all decided to move back to their hometown. The events of the film span a single day at the start of the summer where the friends bond with sons they didn’t know they had, pick fights with douchebag college kids and get peed on by wild animals.

I suppose one could argue that there might be more to the plot of GROWN UPS 2, but I’d be willing to counter that if you want to pull more than what I just said out of it than you’re wasting your time. This is not my type of movie and more so, this is not my type of comedy so maybe it’s not fair for me to say anyone is wasting their time on this- I mean the couple next to me were having a blast during this one. My first instinct was to mock that couple for laughing so hysterically during moments that I was utterly baffled anyone could mistake this for comedy. My second instinct was to remember that everything is subjective and that includes one’s taste in comedy and who am I to judge them for what they like? All I can do is try to appeal to anyone that shares my views on things or might need a little guidance as to rather or not this is worth their time or appropriate for their little ones.

Speaking of little ones- I am not sure who this movie is for considering it’s inexplicably rated PG and is almost way to crude for kids and the humor is so immature that it barely seems like an adult wrote it. I mentioned before that there are a lot of jokes that actually did make me laugh, but I can’t possibly give it a pass for that because every joke after made me depressed for laughing at the one before it. When the movie started I was optimistic that this couldn’t be any worse than Sandler’s last film THAT’S MY BOY, but as the movie went on, the energy, the scattershot jokes and immature sensibility just made my heart sink more and more.

The first GROWN UPS was passable at best and at least seemed like the cast had a fun time just sitting around trading jokes with each other and there are moments here and there that mimic the same type of fun- but essentially this is a sequel that had no real sense of how to continue the story and there is absolutely no sense of creativity. The script- if there was one- is all over the place and there’s no method or sense of order to any of it- it simply moves from one scene to the next doing random gags and every once in a while a scene managed to pull a laugh out of me.

Chalk this up for something I never thought that I would say- I actually kind of liked Taylor Lautner in this. For all the comedic talents in this and putting in work that is quite possibly low points in all of their careers, Taylor Lautner actually kind of made me laugh. Do not mistake this as me saying he’s a good actor now, he simply plays a douchebag incredibly well and he’s not taking himself too seriously which is kind of refreshing given the melodramatic overload of his role in the TWILIGHT movies.

When I sat down to talk about GROWN UPS 2 I wanted nothing more than to be able to open and close it by saying it is my least favorite movie of the year and be done with it. It still stands as one of the low points of the year, but given the FEW laughs I did get out of it I am willing to concede that it might not be the worst thing I see this year, especially if I take into consideration the fact that I wasn’t expecting this to resemble anything close to a good movie. It depresses me to say this, but given the choice between this and THAT’S MY BOY I would enthusiastically choose GROWN UPS 2- and a part of me just died typing that out.

Rating: 2/10

Written By: Luke (@CrummyLuke on Twitter)

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