Bad Milo ¬ Movie Review

What is BAD MILO exactly? Well, in short, Milo is the cutest little butt demon you ever did see and well…he’s bad- or at least he does bad things when summoned. The premise of this little horror comedy sounds pretty bad, one might say juvenile and make no mistake, it is. The result of the film on the other hand turns out better than it probably should, even if it is ultimately rushed and extremely silly.

Ken Marino stars as, well, Ken- he’s a nice guy that people are always walking over and suffers from an intense stomach issues that leave place him on the toilet for hours on end. His wife, Sarah (Gillian Jacobs), is patient with him to an extent but is obviously ready to move on and have children, but Ken is far too susceptible to stress to make the commitment. Finally Ken’s stress boils over manifesting an adorable little creature from his bum that violently attacks the source of his stress and returns to his home in Ken’s colon. Obviously, Ken has to find a way to come to terms with his problem in order to move on and put an end to his “friend’s” murderous rampage.

There’s something I can cross off my bucket list- never in my life would I have ever predicted I’d be describing a creature spawned from the bowels of another human being as adorable or cute. Truth be told the Milo puppet is awesome and it is indeed adorable- at least when it’s not in psycho mode bearing its razor sharp fangs and charging its prey. The cuter moments pretty much rip off something like GREMLINS as Milo purrs and looks at you with it’s wide innocent eyes not unlike Gizmo from the aforementioned creature feature.

The creature moments aren’t all that call back to previous films- the score is also reminicent of past and better films. I’m not calling BAD MILO bad by any means, it just kind of borrows a little too liberally from its obvious inspiration. The score in fact kind of makes the film that much more fun to watch as it does call back to those more light hearted horror comedy affairs.

Ken Marino plays the straight man in this which I suppose is refreshing, but considering he takes up the majority of the screen time some of the other more interesting actors get lost in the shuffle. Patrick Warburton is hysterical in almost everything I see him in and he’s great here, but there’s not much of him. The same goes for Gillian Jacobs, who might not have the most comedic role here, but she’s great in what time she has on screen. Then of course there’s Stephen Root and Peter Stormare who for me were two really interesting characters, but again the film is just too short to explore them satisfyingly.

When I complain about movies being too long it’s because they don’t have enough material to sustain its runtime- this time though while I don’t know how much BAD MILO would benefit from a longer runtime, I do believe it had enough material to be a little longer and flesh out some of its side characters a little more. As it is the film feels rushed, making it hard to really feel anything for the characters- outside of Milo- which in and of itself seems odd to say considering it’s essentially more comedy than horror.

BAD MILO carries an eye rolling premise, but in the end overcomes it’s juvenile subject matter to be kind of heartfelt- after all, nothing says love like your wife helping you put your murderous demon back into you butt. The good outweighs the bad though as the film is very funny and gory, but the pace and tonal shifts do leave a little to be desired.

Rating: 7/10

Written by: Luke (@CrummyLuke on Twitter)

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