Ring 3 ¬ In 3D

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Combining two of Hollywood’s consuming passions — sequels and 3D — Paramount is moving ahead with a new installment of the horror thriller franchise “The Ring.”

The third entry based on the Japanese horror movies is being called “Ring 3D.”

The original movie, an English-language remake of a 1998 Japanese film, was a critical and commercial hit when it was released in 2002, and it helped usher in a period when Hollywood turned to Asia for horror inspiration. The movies made during that wave tended to be less gory and thus carried PG-13 ratings, and they tried to attract a more female-centric audience.

The first film also opened doors for its director, Gore Verbinski, who went on to direct Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, and gave a bigger American platform to its Australian star, Naomi Watts. A sequel was made in 2005.

The plot of the original film centered on a young journalist investigating a mysterious videotape that seemed to cause the death of anyone within a week of viewing it.

The new film is being fashioned as more teen-centric than the first, and though the plot is being kept under wraps, the aim is to reinvent the franchise. One potential scenario involves teens finding a VHS player that still works.

No director is on board. The script will be written by David Loucka, who penned the Watts-Daniel Craig thriller “Dream House” currently being shot by Morgan Creek.

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