2013 Summer Box Office Predictions

I’m going to come right out and say it, I suck at predicting (what I do is nothing more than guessing) how well movies will do at the box office. I do think it’s fun to speculate though about the summer releases and how they will stack up with their competition.

Numbers aren’t really my game so I just wanted to come on and rank what I think will be the top 10 movies at the box office this summer, then sit back and watch how it all turns out. It’s fun in some way to do something like this and then when you see the movie and love it, it gives you something to root for if you’re not into the summer sports or anything like that.

Without further ado, here are my picks for the winners and losers of the box office for summer 2013.


1. Iron Man 3 – Given how much this movie has made already this might be a cheat, but honestly I’m not fully convinced something else on the list won’t come from out of nowhere to make me regret this choice.

2. Man of Steel – Two picks in and I’m already regretting making this list. I want MAN OF STEEL to be good, but Zack Snyder has let me down before. However, having Nolan attached gives me hope as does the trailers- somehow though I’m just not confident this will be a box office juggernaut, but I’m hoping it is based on its placement on the list.

3. Fast & Furious 6 – Another pick I will probably regret placing so high, but due to the success of the series and the off the wall ridiculousness of the trailer I think this thing could potentially break bank at the box office. I have no other reasons for why else I would place this here.

4. Despicable Me 2 – I still have never seen the first film, so I was not part of its success when it was released, but animated movies have the tendency to maybe not open well, but stick around to make a respectable amount of money. This and one other choice I’ll get to I think have the potential to both open big and stick around to put up big numbers.

5. Monsters University – I could easily just flip flop this choice with the previous one as I feel like everything I already typed about DESPICABLE ME 2 also applies here.

6. Star Trek Into Darkness – Some might argue that this is low for this film and the anticipation for it and I would agree. However, while I think this will have a great opening and following week or two, I also think that the numbers won’t be nearly as big to compete in the top 5 especially with IRON MAN 3 still lingering in theaters once this opens and a fan base that I don’t have faith will churn out the big bucks Tony Stark is putting up.

7. The Hangover Part III – The second film didn’t deliver the same magic at the box office as the first, granted it still made a decent chunk of change. I can sort of feel the same thing happening here, but maybe if it improves on what everyone seemed to hate about the second film it could shatter what I I’m thinking will be an example of the law of diminishing returns.

8. Pacific Rim – Let me clarify that my excitement for this is astronomical- to the point that I want to include it in the top 3 for box office success. Yet, I just don’t believe that this has a cast that will draw big numbers and I don’t think del Toro’s name is enough to bring in the big bucks. I’m still looking forward for it to do those big numbers and shame me for having it so low on the list.

9. The Wolverine – I have no knowledge of how much anyone is looking forward to this. However, the success of the X-MEN franchise I think will be enough to give it a decent opening weekend and from there word of mouth will determine if its placement on the list is justified.

10. World War Z – Possibly the one choice I think no one believes will be even slightly successful. I really like the trailer so haters be damned, but I think much like THE WOLVERINE the opening week will be respectable and with Brad Pitt attached maybe it will be enough for it to get in and out with enough money to crack the top 10 of box office winners this summer.

Sleeper Picks:

This is the End – I think this looks and sounds hilarious and if it is as funny as it looks then in could be this year’s breakout R rated comedy hit and I really hope it is.

Elysium – Matt Damon has the potential to put butts in seats, but the real test will be to see how much people really care about this type of science fiction. Blomkamp isn’t quite a household name despite the fantastic DISTRICT 9, which is why I’m considering this as a hit in the making, but am prepared to see it underperformed should that be the case.


After Earth – Looks like nothing more than an AVATAR rip-off and I don’t care about the real life father son pair up. Shamalyan lost my faith long ago and the performances from the Smith duo really look terrible to me. It may very well be a box office smash, but in my eyes it doesn’t look to deserve it.

Epic – I actually really want to see this, but considering it opens right alongside FAST & FURIOUS 6 and THE HANGOVER PART III I don’t see how this won’t be buried at the box office. The only thing that may save it is that it appeals to a much different audience than the other two movies and could be a sleeper hit.

The Lone Ranger: Depp alone doesn’t really make a blockbuster, I think DARK SHADOWS helped solidify that and the trailer does not sell to me that this will be entirely clever or exciting. Still, trailers alone are never that great of an example to hedge bets on so maybe this will again leave me with egg on my face.

There it is- I think I left plenty of opportunities to end up embarrassed about my picks once the summer is all over. I’m still really excited to see how it all turns out.

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