Star Trek Into Darkness ¬ Movie Review

Despite any argument that my wife my levy against me, I’m not a complicated guy. When it comes to movies if there’s a decent script, with serviceable actors and some interesting conflict or comedy I’m bound to walk out liking it- to me that’s kind of the least we all should expect from a movie. [...]

Maniac ¬ Review

Just when I thought Elijah Wood was at his peak of portraying crazy by talking to a man in a dog suit as seen on FX’s Wilfred he emerges from the shadows- figuratively and literally- with his role in the remake of William Lustig’s MANIAC. Frodo has come a long way since the Shire and [...]

The A-Team ¬ Review

Although I’ve not seen the TV series before, I’m pretty sure I’ve got the measure of the A-Team. A kitsch, cartoon-esque rendering of a band of rebellious soldiers who are both misunderstood and haplessly effective at aiding those in need. Despite having not seen the 80s version, my judgement on the 2010 film was clear. It is not a good one, and it’s plan does NOT ‘come together’.

Shrink ¬ Review

We all assume that although we might not know what the hell is going on around us – somebody does. If you ain’t sure who the hell you are, or what the world means, then there’s a number to call, or a guy in the know to visit.

Lymelife ¬ Review

As far as the depiction of family life goes, the film market is saturated with this topic of interest. The Hollywood representation of suburban family decline in American Beauty, for example, could be seen as a definitive example of many films like it – excellent as it is.

Sex And The City 2 ¬ Review

Displaced from Manhattan to Abu Dhabi, the ‘Sex and the City’ quartet prove they’ve grown sillier and greedier with age!

Kick Ass ¬ Review

Yearning to be a superhero isn’t the same thing as actually being one, but the two states aren’t nearly as far apart as they appear. When kids who read comic books imagine that they can leap tall buildings, spider-surf the air, or lay waste to bad guys with iron-chested daring, simply by dreaming of doing those things they already share something with the pop vigilantes on the page.

Alice In Wonderland ¬ Review

Never have toves been so slithy or a film so brillig. Tim Burton’s spectacular reimagining of Alice in Wonderland, which had its royal premiere in London last night, takes Lewis Carroll’s famous Jabberwocky poem and makes it a 3-D epic for the next generation.

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