Bad Milo ¬ Movie Review

What is BAD MILO exactly? Well, in short, Milo is the cutest little butt demon you ever did see and well…he’s bad- or at least he does bad things when summoned. The premise of this little horror comedy sounds pretty bad, one might say juvenile and make no mistake, it is. The result of the [...]

Elysium ¬ Movie Review

I still remember how I felt after leaving DISTRICT 9 for the first time- surprised, shocked and utterly thrilled. I couldn’t count down the days fast enough leading up to the release of Neil Blomkamp’s ELYSIUM and when that day came it seems maybe my excitement got the best of me. I don’t want to [...]

Fruitvale Station ¬ Movie Review

Terrible things happen to good people all that time, nothing new there. The more accurate thing to say though and perhaps the more down to earth way of saying it is terrible things happen to people in general. The distinction of good or bad is completely subjective and is something that FRUITVALE STATION director Ryan [...]

The Conjuring¬ Movie Review

If anyone is proving themselves as one of the go to directors when it comes to things that go bump in the night is James Wan. As a huge fan of his last flick INSIDIOUS I was more than a little tickled to see him returning this year not once but twice with INSIDIOUS CHAPTER [...]

Grown Ups 2 ¬ Movie Review

When the credits rolled on Adam Sandler’s latest film one of the only reactions I had which is also one of the central jokes was, “Whaaaaaaaat?!” It takes a special kind of bad to have quite a few laughable jokes but still make someone come out with almost nothing good to say.
In GROWN UPS 2 [...]

Pacific Rim ¬ Movie Review

Over the last few summers we have been treated to a lot of geeky delights up to and including massive fighting robots, monsters and aliens- but what if you could have that all in one movie? That’s what Guillermo del Toro wants to show us and boy does he ever. I love superhero movies as [...]

The Heat ¬ Movie Review

I was sitting in the theater one day sitting through 20 minutes of trailers as well all do these days and low and behold a trailer comes up starring Sandra Bullock as an FBI agent people don’t really respect only this time Melissa McCarthy was also along for the ride. I would have bet my [...]

World War Z ¬ Review

The months leading up to the long delayed Marc Forster film adaptation of WORLD WAR Z people were still up in arms about the enormous reshoots and rewrites- not to mention no end to people crying about all the CGI zombies. It gave me no end to pleasure when people finally got to lay their [...]

V/H/S/2 ¬ Review

Some of the best sequels aspire to be bigger and crazier than its predecessor and that point could not be more on the nose when it comes to V/H/S/2. The original found footage anthology was a mixed bag of horror shorts that in retrospect I may have ranked higher than I should have- but that’s [...]

Man of Steel ¬ Movie Review

Like some, I was not overjoyed with Zack Snyder being announced as the director for a new Superman movie. It wasn’t because I don’t like him on some personal level or that he’s really a bad director- it was mostly because I absolutely hated SUCKER PUNCH. More than that, I was starting to get really [...]

Fast & Furious 6 Movie Review

For what it’s worth, I have to offer an apology to a franchise I could have done without few years ago. So much so that I completely skipped over TOKOYO DRIFT and have yet to catch up with it. The last confession might be a little more troubling to die hard fans with the sixth [...]

The Hangover Part III ¬ Movie Review

At this point THE HANGOVER franchise is to comedic cinema what the TRANSFORMERS franchise is to blockbuster action cinema- the first films each getting their fair share of love, but the sequels were met with an army of haters. Todd Phillips took a lot of hate when THE HANGOVER PART II came out with the [...]

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